F. A. Q.’s

How long does it take for carpet to dry?

Under normal circumstances your carpet will dry within 2 to 4 hours. If it’s raining outside this may cause the carpet drying process to be delayed by a few hours.  If rotary scrubbing is needed for high traffic areas or heavily soiled carpet, the drying time may also be delayed.

Does Everette Carpet offer same day service?

Yes we do, although sometimes scheduling difficulties will not permit us to service certain areas on specific dates.

Is Everette Carpet licensed?


Do you use truck-mounted cleaning equipment?

Yes, we use high powered truck-mounted cleaning equipment. Using our equipment helps the carpet to dry very quickly and allows us to give you the most thorough cleaning ever.

Do you have references?

Yes,  just call or email us and receive our reference list. We also provide loads of previous & existing clients that you can view on our website. We even have video testimonials form our Happy Customers.

How long have been in business? We’ve been proudly doing business in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC for over 19 years.


Don’t Let Your Carpet Stay Dirty & Dingy…… Call Everette Carpet Care Today!

Check out our website for Great Deals & Info:  www.everettecarpet.com

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