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Quick Tip: How to Repair Your Own Carpet..

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From Start.. To Finish!

Here I will guide you to repair your own carpet mishaps.

You will first need the following tools to repair bleach spots or cigarette burns:

A utility knife, a piece of remnant carpet slightly bigger than the damaged area, a hot glue gun, glue sticks, black marker, scissors, and a straight edge.

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scissors black marker

Using a straight edge, cut a quarter inch square around the damaged area.

Take the remnant carpet and turn it over on the back side with loose fibers facing down.

Place the damage carpet on the back and trace around it.

At this point, use the scissors to cut out the new patch.

Place the new carpet patch in the hole to make sure it is a perfect fit before you go any further.

Once a perfect match is attained, apply glue to the back of the patch; also apply a small amount of glue to the padding in the hole of the damaged area.

Place a heavy book or object over the repaired area to compress and allow one hour to set completely.







 This was a quick tip from Everette Carpet Care & Restoration.