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Wet Carpet In Your Basement?

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Be careful of snow melting from the roof and causing wet carpet in various rooms or areas of your home. In many instances, you may find that water will travel from the roof, across studs, and down walls causing major damage.

Here Are Some Water Damage Survival Tips After A Big Snowstorm:

  1. Locate The Source.

Locate the source of the water or leakage in your home or office and perhaps call a plumber.

  • Avoid Hazards.

Avoid hazards regarding electricity and water. This mix is definitely fatal.

  • Remove furniture and Porous Furnishings.

Remove all furnishings that could stain or permanently ruin your carpeting. Especially furniture with metal or wood legs.

  • Take Immediate Action.

If the carpet or padding is not completely saturated with water, it is possible to care for this particular situation without calling a water damage restoration company.

  • Dry It Out.

Dry out the water saturated area with some sort of dry/wet vac. Pick up a commercial air blower.  Also, follow up with placing a dehumidifier in the area to extract the moisture from the room as well as the air. This step is so crucial to stop the onset of mold and mildew. You could find these items at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

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